i bought 4 pairs of jeans, a pair of flats, a pair of boots, and two hetalia key chains and i didn’t even spend over 100. i think i did some quality shopping.


Blood physics in anime:


can they at least give leo a bronze globe

i don’t have class today.

i practically feed on baby fassy pictures.

god bless the stamp tool.

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you guys have got to stop reblogging that chocolate chip cookie gifset.


I started saying shit like “u” “pls” and “rly” ironically but I can’t stop now

prometheus needs to leak already so i can gif everything and return to being archiehicox.

lucas, you submit the dumbest shit to me.

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I vote for this as the next tumblr interface change:



Can you just, start doing this in your everyday life?


During an interview or something, tear open your shirt and yell “I’M SCOTTISH.”

Because that would make many of us very very happy.

that photoset could have actually been bigger.

hulksmashes replied to your post: OMG i just remembered that fassy is going to be at…

dkfbndzlfjkn S T O P

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female casting of Thor and Loki.